The Traffic Department is responsible for the filing of all traffic citations issued by the Louisiana State Police, Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Department and the municipalities surrounding the Fifteenth Judicial Court in the Parish of Vermilion. These violations are all moving and non-moving violations that fall under the Louisiana Code of Criminal – Traffic Procedure, and include “Title 32 violations” such as driving under suspension, running stop signs, no drivers license and “Title 14 violations” such as operating while under the influence (OWI) and hit and run. Title 32 is the Uniform Traffic Code while Title 14 is the Criminal Code.

The Traffic Department file stamps the individual tickets as they are received from the issuing agency. As the traffic clerks input the information about the citation into the computer, they check to see if the individual received notice of the Court date, if not, the Clerk’s Office sends notice of the next available Court date.

The Traffic Department consists of Minute Clerks, Post-Sentence Clerks and, Subpoena Clerks. The department handles all subpoenas consisting of arraignments, trials, sentencing, pleading, fine payments, rule to show cause, show proof of Driver’s License, Article 892.1 request, Motions and any and all hearings.

The Vermilion Parish Clerk of Court does not set nor collect any of the fines.

All inquiries regarding fines and their collection should be directed to the Sheriff’s department in the parish of the agency that issued the ticket.

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