The Research Department is responsible for assisting the general public in researching the property records that are kept on file in the Clerk’s office. A knowledgeable staff of employees is available. All property transactions, mineral leases, separation and divorce judgments, chattel records, UCC filings, subdivision maps and any other recordings are accessible through a written index and on computer, dating back to 1936. The Research Department uses some of the latest technology available from the moment of recordation – either in original form, microfilm, and electronic imaging. Real estate agents, surveyors, appraisers, abstractors, and attorneys are encouraged to come in and use these facilities and the employees assistance. The Research Department prides itself on fast, friendly, and efficient service to any and all who may find need to visit this office. Request for copies from the Research Department may be received via facsimile if you have an account.

The Records Department is responsible for assisting the general public in researching and retrieving records that are kept on file for all civil , probate, marriage, and military records. They are also responsible for making copies of these files as well as handling the everyday checking in and out of files for attorneys.


The Abstracter’s Section is an area of the Vermilion Parish Clerk of Court’s office that is provided to the working abstracters and petroleum landman as a courtesy. This area provides individual work areas so that they might have a place to sit down and examine their research, abstracts, plats, etc. The Clerk also provides, as a courtesy, several incoming telephone lines and public computers for research within the Clerk of Court’s Office.

The Clerk of Court is not permitted to and does not give “Title Opinions”. Only an Attorney can render a “Title Opinion” in Louisiana. An attorney may utilize several departments in the Clerk’s Office doing the research necessary to form a title opinion. For example, copies of sales and mortgages may be ordered from the Research Department and a Mortgage Certificate might be ordered from the Mortgage Department. After a closing, the Cash Sale, Mortgage and other documents related to the transaction will be filed at the Recording Department.

For further information about Abstracting and Title Opinions, please consult your local library, bank, or your attorney.

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