The Juvenile Department is combined with our Criminal Non-Support. It is responsible for the filing of all Juvenile Delinquent and Child in Need of Care Charges. All juvenile filings are confidential records. Therefore, anyone wishing to view any proceedings involving a juvenile must obtain a valid Court Order.

The Criminal Non-Support division of the Clerk of Court’s office works with the Vermilion Parish District Attorney and the State of Louisiana’s Department of Social Services in setting and enforcing child support orders. After a complaint is filed with the District Attorney’s office and accepted, a bill of information is filed with our office. This is one way to start the process of obtaining child support. Orders of support, including those from other states, can also be enforced in this court. The Clerk’s office maintains court records, sets dockets, issues warrants and notifies parties of court dates. Also in this division, paternity blood testing is done to determine who the father is in order to obtain child support.

For further information about the Juvenile Department or Criminal Non-Support, please call Mrs. Ann Clostio (337) 898-4544 or Mrs. Cindy Luquette (337) 898-4533.

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