Civil Filing Desk fax: (337) 898-4556
Civil Department Main Office fax: (337) 898-9803
Accounting fax: (337) 898-4555

Civil Cost, Civil Filing, Civil Processing Kaylen Clark 337-898-4534
Civil Cost, Minute Clerk, Civil Processing Regina Trahan 337-898-4546
Civil Cost, Minute Clerk, Civil Processing Luke Leblanc 337-898-4525
Civil Data Entry, Accounting, Registry Danielle Frederick 337-898-4540
Civil Docket Clerk Natalie Brailey 337-898-4522
Jury Selection, U.C.C. Janis Dubois 337-898-4532
Civil Library, Imaging, Passports Donna Meaux 337-898-4550
Civil Library, Imaging Cymone Thibeaux 337-898-4531
Civil Filing Shantel Hebert 337-898-4553
Civil Non-support, Minute Clerk Ann Clostio 337-898-4544

Civil billing please call Civil Cost
Calls for total or final cost please call Danielle Frederick

Public Service Department fax: (337) 898-9803
Clerk's fax: (337) 898-4556

Clerk of Court Diane Meaux Broussard 337-898-1992
Secretary, Elections, Passports, Online Support Vanessa Vollmer 337-898-4536
Mortgage/Conveyance Recording, UCC, Front Desk Lani Dehart 337-898-4528
Public Service, Copies, UCC, Plats Randal Dubois 337-898-4542
Mortgage Certificates, UCC Searches, Non-Lien Laura Brantley 337-898-4535
Public Service, Protective Orders, Copies Nanette Baudoin 337-898-4539
Marriage License, Operator Charlotte Segura 337-898-1992
Recording, Indexing, Passports Stacy Beraud 337-898-4538
Passports, Mortgage/Conveyance Recording, Mortgage Jarrad Comeaux 337-898-4545
Certificates, UCC, Web Developer, Indexing Elections, Qualifying, Commission Testing Stacy Beraud 337-898-4538

Criminal Department fax: (337) 740-8803
Criminal Minutes/IT fax: (337) 898-4557

Criminal Receptionist / Front Desk Davelyn Demarcy 337-898-4558
Expungements, Bond Reduction Julee Myers 337-898-4547
Felony, Misdemeanor Monica LeMaire 337-898-4529
Motion & Arraignments Missy Abshire 337-898-4530
Non-Support, Criminal Appeals, Minute Clerk Ann Clostio 337-898-4544
Juvenile, FINS, Minute Clerk, Protective Orders, Expungements, Child In Need of Care (DCFS) Cindy Luquette 337-898-4533
Traffic, Minute Clerk, Protective Orders Stephanie Labry 337-898-4541
Imaging, Minute Clerk, IT Help Desk John Comeaux 337-898-4548
Imaging, Minute Clerk Erin Leblanc 337-898-4526
Juvenile, Expungements, Child In Need of Care (DCFS), FIN Ariel Moore 337-898-4533